(02) Hylozoic Transgression


Art direction, styling / 2020
Collaboration with Alex Amy

A constructed visual narrative examines the relationship between corporate office culture and the marginalized bodies.

Featured on Sicky Magazine.

Corporate technologies continue to encroach upon civilization, invading the private realm and threatening the commons. The cracks of hyper-capitalism reveal themselves as an increasingly precarious future unfolds, threatening marginalized workers who otherwise refuse to conform to the status quo, but must perform to institutional standards for a living wage.

Hylozoic Transgression is a vision of post-apocalyptic queer futurism that frames the corporate office space as a microcosm of capitalism and depicts the struggle for a new order in its wreckage. While a group of office clerks performs rote, mechanical, activities during the workday, suffocated by monotony and the fragmentation of their abilities, they dissociate and fantasize about a foreign utopia in which their true selves can thrive. As night sets in, these vulnerable interiors breakthrough and mutate with their outer shells, leaving behind a new species.

The violent juxtaposition of this fantastical space against the confines of the sterile office captures the deeply internalized struggle for survival within the corrupted public realm. The workers retaliate against corporate dehumanization by forging transgressive new identities in the very space that severs their creative yearnings from their productive process.

Together, they birth an alternate reality in which the true self can be expressed, manifested, and healed.

Shared autonomy liberates through intimacy.

Matter reasserts itself as life.

Credit list:
Creative Direction, Styling:
Alexandra Amy + Daedalus Guoning li

Cameron Tidball-Sciullo

Set Design:
Seairra Miller

Daedalus Guoning Li

Latisha Chong

Citlali Gutierrez

Alexandra Amy, Fey Fey Worldwide , Jamall Osterholm, Jono Cheong, Levi Campello,  Masha Kurguzkina,  Zehua Wu

Helena Dong , Inaurem, Jon Ng, Sheridan Tjhung, Studio Copula
Cam Reid, Dimani Key, Jimi Lucid, Kale Houchens, Leah Ying Lin, Tara Raani, Valentine Amari

Special thanks:
Elena Nicolás Beeley, Jamie Tianxin Shi, Tracey Tianyi Shi