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(03) Reclaim Upzone
       Between Content and Container Vol.04

A discourse on Gentrification in Crown Heights, NY/2018
Collaboration with Leah Ying Lin

(001) Site Analysis

Crown Heights Rezoning Diagram   1995-2018
Diagram_Public Accessibility within Blocks
Diagram_Rezoning Change+Public Accessibility Typology

The major action of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Rezoning Plan in 2007 and the West Crown Heights Rezoning Plan in 2013 has brought many developers come in to share the cake. Thus, demographics in Crown Heights has been changing along the redevelopment of these zoning areas. With establishment of new residential, commercial projects and urban infrastructures, people from outside of the Crown Heights start coming in and changing the social environment consistently. The rezoning action led to the change of higher density of residential area and more and more floating population from other places. The majority of the newcomers are white liberal professional and new urban middle class, seeking social justice but also yearning certain living standard. Less and less urban space is accessible for the public to engage and take action while exclusivity is increasing for adjusting and copping the modern lifestyle for the newcomers.

Diagram_Site Pheriphery Rezoning & Accessibility Analysis

(002) Programming Strategy

Diagram_Program Typology

Diagram_Vertical Accessibility

Diagram_Massing Strategy

Moment_Community Study
Moment_Lounge/Meeting Room
Axonometric Drawing_Site View