(05) Entourage 2019


Architecutral Illustration / 2019
A Collaboration of Daedalus and their Friends

I am getting tired.
I am getting tired of all the CAD block figures found online.

These types-predominantly slim and caucasian looking figures-are clearly too generic. What are we exactly designing and who are we designing for? Are we, as architects, only creating space that any homogenous body can be inserted? Or all occupants' identity can be categorized and normalized into this generic subjectivity without any distinction?

Being cultivated under an environment that advocates institutional criticism, where we always talk about the means of representation. However, when it comes to the occupants in the drawing, we just start randomly putting these homogenous figures inside without considering exactly what their activity will be. Will everyman be in suits with a suitcase, or every lady with long hair, dress or skirt with a handbag? Are we only cater to a group of the white middle class or young professionals like them despite how much we consider the degree of oblique, the percentage of the noise, or the tints of shades?

This work is an ongoing project on creating a digital library of the entourage that capture the forgotten, ignored, or missed representation of different subjectivities and activities the “occupants” can express in the traditional line weight mode.

It is also a celebration for Daedalus and their friends.


Different from the conventional naming methodology of entourage figures like businessman holding suitcases, young man drinking coffee, girl holding barbie, the policeman with a gun, etc., by naming the same gesture to different subjectivities, it eliminates certain projected binaries that we still experience and suffer from.

(002) Daedalus and Their Friends

The black line figurest is a personal attachment in response to the “traditional entourage”, while embracing the trust and love my friends share with me. Under the particular social and political environment, it is an urgent action to believe the people around you and behold the hope and strength together.


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