(05) 12.05.2019


We Are Here, and we are _

The murky uncertainty overcast,
shredding the concrete actuality.
Your glare pouring towards me,
flooding the tongue, wading the knee.

You look into the slit,
there’s another me.
like treading the paddle,
double shadowing its own singularity.

The lies held beneath,
beneath the ablutionary irony,
the room closed, the doors open,
flaring the grided transparency.

Fermented yogurt, released the lid,
wasted a whole cup of narcissistic delicacy.
but wait for me, join the queue
enjoy the glazed charity.

The spotlight lightened down on thee,
claiming why you cannot see.
I see you through the reflection,
from the gaze, you embedded in me;
I see you bloom,
behind the barricade you cultivated it.

Written in Spring 2019